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Introducing Vingtor-Stentofon AlphaCom XE Audio Servers with HD Voice

  • Global networking and integration
  • IP, SIP and analog station support
  • Extended software options
  • Sim card based software configuration and disaster recovery
  • Fully backwards compatible with any AlphaCom system
  • Extended memory supports future expansion and new services
  • High quality professional PA broadcasting and messaging services
  • Security voice guidance for public safety and building security
  • Auto-attendant functionality (automatic voice supported switchboard)
  • Voice supported call guidance 

Next generation CCoIP  processor IP board

Based on state-of-the-art technology, the new AlphaCom XE is powered by the next generation CCoIP  processor IP board, providing more features, greater flexibility and increased audio bandwidth. AlphaCom XE utilizes true IP audio edge devices (IP masters, IP substations and SIP stations) that provide high definition voice, active noise cancellation, adaptive jitter buffering, and an integrated managed switch with advanced networking and security functions (VLAN, IEEE 802.1X). It offers more capacity than ever, allowing for additional software based features and functions such as P.A. broadcasting and messaging services, security voice guidance, internal and external networking, call billing, audio conferencing and SIP station support. The XE audio server series is backwards compatible providing simple upgrades and expansion of existing AlphaCom systems. 

AlphaCom XE1 Audio Server with HD Voice

[AlphaCom XE1] For an all IP-solution, the new XE1 server can control 552 IP stations or linked into an AlphaNet of servers can provide communication paths for millions of intercom stations globally. In addition, the new XE1 is environmental friendly with low power consumption and weight.  AlphaCom XE1 is the ideal solution for building security, correctional and hospital applications, airports, parking areas, universities and much more.

The platform of choice for critical communications

AlphaCom XE offers superior audio quality with a new enhanced feature – active noise cancellation. Active noise cancellation measures the microphone signal and calculates noise components in the signal, removing noise and leaving crystal clear voice audio. This and many other features such as redundancy and alternative routing make Vingtor-Stentofon the platform of choice for critical communications.

Extended integration

The feature rich AlphaCom XE-series audio server includes extended integration with CCTV, access control, alarms, public address, telephony and a variety of features and solutions that can be added as required. The use of standard IT technology allows remote programming via AlphaPro, logging and maintenance via AlphaWeb and Syslog using standard web browsers. The AlphaCom XE comes in different cabinet sizes, depending on the required number of traditionally wired intercom stations.

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