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FCDC3 IP over two-wire technology

IP over two-wire with Flowire Solutions

Zenitel has developed cutting-edge IP over two-wire technology. It helps to solve many connectivity issues of critical equipment onboard and benefit from infrastructure savings and benefit from saving resources. That’s why using Flowire, we can provide you with an upgrade from the analog to IP Technology in the shortest possible time. And in many cases, there will be no need to stop  ships from operating..

Explore all the benefits of IP over two-wire technology

Zenitel Flowire Technology gives customers a huge advantage by allowing them to distribute data and power through one single-paired cable.
Our IP over two-wire solution ensures:

  • extending the length of cables 5x times as compared to Ethernet. As a result, clients get to save on additional infrastructure resources (e.g., switchers, repeaters, etc.);
  • lower total retrofit costs with the possibility to reuse existing infrastructure, even when there’s only a single pair available;
  • high interoperability of the Flowire Converters that smoothly work together with any Ethernet-enabled devices;
  • excellent scalability with the possibility to connect up to 9 Flowire devices to the same 2-wire network structure;
  • reduced costs of creating the infrastructure for explosion-proof areas as there will be no need to use expensive EX Ethernet cables and Ethernet isolators between zones.

Break the limits of Ethernet cabling

Flowire Technology can become an excellent solution for large vessels and offshore installations. With a wide range of 500 meters, it overcomes the Ethernet cable 100 meters limitations. That’s why it can be used to connect communication equipment on larger installations without the need for additional switches or repeaters. With IP over two-wire technology, we can also set the powering of different connected Ethernet devices, including PAGA access panels or wide range of IP intercom stations.

Fast and cost-effective transition from analog to IP Technology

Ship owners have become more interested in vessel retrofitting. It helps extend ship’s lifespan and gain other benefits, including staying up to date with the latest IP-based communication solutions. That is when the Flowire technology proves to be extremely cost-effective.
The Flowire Converter can be used with any Ethernet-enabled device with PoE powering. It doesn’t require getting rid of the existing legacy infrastructure even though only a single pair cable is available to deliver IP. This technology reduces the total retrofit costs and makes it possible to make on-the-go upgrades.