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Kenneth Dastol, CEO of Zenitel, interviewed in Elbo Spot

Kenneth Dastol interviewed in Elbo Spot

In the article «High quality solutions for critical communication are crucial for a safe society», CEO Kenneth Dastol, is interviewed by Elbo Spot. The magazine is distributed to a broad base of customers, A&E's and other stakeholder in the Dutch Security Business.

You can read the interview in Dutch at Elbo Technology's website.

Following is a translations of the interview.

The global leader in its sector, Zenitel, headquartered in Norway, has united its' two top brands of Stentofon and Vingtor. CEO Kenneth Dastol explained: «Both brands are well-established global providers of communication systems: Stentofon onshore and Vingtor offshore. We have always held the same primary goal for both brands: to provide the most advanced, robust and reliable communication solutions in the market».

This is what has always set the brands apart from other providers of critical communications.«Merging the two brands into Vingtor-Stentofon is therefore a logical move. It will provide simplification and strengthen our partners, enabling them to maximise their operational excellence».

Innovation is the answer to rapid developments

The two brands have always been designed, developed and produced within the same company. For many years, innovation has been the answer to rapid technological developments. «Innovation is one of our five fundamental values, in addition to pride, accountability, results and teamwork. These values reflect the way in which we deal with each other and with our customers. Innovation clearly played a major role in the development of the Turbine intercom systems: a series of VoIP intercoms that have changed the way people view intercommunication. The result is a device with a unique, robust design, superior sound quality and numerous possibilities».

High quality solutions for critical communication are crucial for a safe society

The R&D team keeps a close eye on rapid developments by conducting continuous market research. The feedback from over 60 partners all over the world is also very valuable. The result of this innovative corporate culture is that Vingtor-Stentofon is always ahead of the market. «We discovered, for example, that no other party can provide solutions for Public Address on the basis of native IP technology. Because IP technology is our core competency - we were among the first to introduce an IP intercom – it was logical for us to develop the Exigo system for Public Address and General Alarm (PA/GA) on the basis of native IP technology».

The Exigo series

The Exigo product line was launched in 2013: the first system, based entirely on IP, for general broadcasting, sounding an alarm and evacuating buildings and sites. It is an advanced, scale-able solution, especially developed to meet the requirements of Public Address and General Alarm and suitable for a wide range of applications and uses. The Exigo solution provides high quality features and functionalities and is simple to install and program. In addition to the system controller and amplifiers, Vingtor-Stentofon has developed various new IP-based call panels for indoor, industrial and hazardous zones (EX). IP loudspeakers that can be individually addressed and permanent monitoring of all the system components are some additional options. Exigo easily integrates with telephone and fire detection systems. And it naturally forms an excellent combination with the Vingtor-Stentofon intercom equipment.

«Our products particularly prove their worth in situations where reliable communication is of vital importance», said Dastol.

Elbo Technology is essential for the Dutch market

Vingtor-Stentofon supplies solutions for critical communication all over the world, in situations where standard systems are not enough. «Our products particularly prove their worth in situations where lives are at risk and reliable communication is of vital importance: they help to make society safer. They enable our customers to protect lives, property and possessions to the utmost. Elbo Technology is an established player on the Dutch market and has been a very valuable partner to Vingtor-Stentofon for a long time. It plays an essential role in bringing our solutions for critical communications onto the Dutch market».

The future of critical communication

According to research conducted by the Department of Economic and Social Affairs at the United Nations, called The World’s Urbanization prospect, the proportion of the world’s population that lives in urban areas will exceed 2.5 billion people by 2050.

«This means there will be a steady growth in demand for our products and services. Critical communication is essential for a well-functioning, productive society, whether we are talking about public transport or safety and security in other situations», said Kenneth Dastol.

What more can we expect from Vingtor-Stentofon?

The most interesting news at present is that our updated Turbine intercom series will be equipped with a video function in 2015. We have high expectations for this fantastic product and are eager to hear our customers’ reactions.