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The largest Burgundy’s shopping center communicates Vingtor-Stentofon

La Toison d’Or (the Golden Fleece), the largest regional shopping center of Burgundy, includes 162 shops, restaurants and the largest 4 star hotel in Burgundy. And since the end of 2013 extension, the need for security increased. Therefore it hosts now a complete Vingtor-Stentofon communication & security system.

For this project, a clear and immediate security communication was required: it is actually a Must to ensure the safety of customers particularly in the case of aggression in this type of busy environment.

This is why the scream alarm trigger function  was determinant in the choice of our Vingtor-Stentofon equipment. 39 Turbine stations are installed along the galleries of the shopping center and in elevators.

In addition, the customer was sensitive to Turbine design, to the easy implementation of our solution via the audio AlphaCom server and to the connection flexibility to the video system. 

The second phase of implementing the communication system should soon arrise.