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Approved Marine CCTV solutions from Zenitel

Approved Marine CCTV Solutions from Zenitel

The concerns addressed in the bulletin, with regard to approved marine CCTV systems, are specifically aimed at fire safety onboard vessels, as well as the need of redundant systems to increase safety and warn about potentially life-threatening situations at as early a stage as possible.

The IMO SSE has already sent draft guidelines to the Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) for approval during the MSC 101 meeting that will take place in the beginning of June. If approved, Zenitel believes the industry will see a high demand for marine-approved CCTV systems in the near future.

Delivering approved marine CCTV systems

Our approved marine CCTV systems enable cost-effective, high-quality area monitoring and video surveillance, enhancing the safety and security for personnel, cargo and the vessel itself. The systems are available in different versions and offer a set of standard and optional features. Many of our clients today are ferry and cruise vessels; however, we are able to deliver complete configurations that assist all types of vessels with use of CCTV systems to further enhance safety onboard.

Integrated marine communications platform

Vingtor-Stentofon Operator control room solutionVingtor-Stentofon Operator is a Windows-based system management solution for AlphaCom Audio Servers. Through the AlphaCom, it integrates all communication channels in a single interface, which includes interactive map functionality showing the location and status of all connected communication devices. The system can easily be integrated with CCTV to associate and bring up video streams, based on events such as a call from a station and doorway or connected to the fire-alarm system onboard.

Each station can be associated with up to four video streams to get multiple viewing angles. CCTV commands such as “go to PTZ (Pan, Tilt and Zoom) preset” or “zoom in” can also be part of the system interface.

To learn more about Zenitel CCTV solutions, you can contact our Maritime Sales department or find your local contact/distributor from our Worldwide Distribution Network.

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