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Zenitel value award winner 'Results' - picture

Meet the award winner for 'Results'

Rusty always steps forward to assist and lead our quality assurance efforts to identify issues and offer feedback to our development team. He takes a proactive role, outside his normal responsibilities, to provide valuable QA testing and reporting. His participation was key to delivering real world test results back into the development cycle so that our TCIV could perform to customer expectations.

How did you end up working at Zenitel?

I pulled Excalibur out of a big ol’ rock.

What’s a typical day like for you?

I begin the day by starting up my computer and reading the news. Then 8am rolls around and I start to check company emails and voice mails.  After that I may build a test bed and see if I can reproduce and/or solve any troubles that have come up from the field. I also work with R&D to conduct experiments with new firmware versions and hardware products. Other times I set up experiments to compare our product performance to others or in some cases just to verify what a product’s performance actually is. I also produce video and multimedia presentations for training (in another life I was the multimedia producer for the talent development arm of GE).  I also write a fair amount of documentation – mostly technical documentation. From time to time I also repair returned product, evaluate claims for warranty, and build custom products. 

How do you feel about receiving this value award?

I think it is recognition that our efforts are not in vain and that we, as an organization, are committed to continuous quality improvement. This is the hidden, behind the scenes, value for our customers.

Which value do you identify yourself with the most and why?

Innovation. Without innovation you have stagnation. Stagnation leads to apathy on the part of your customers. Creativity is central to my being and central to the ongoing success of this organization. ‘Cogito ergo sum ego creo’ – I create therefore I am (my apologies to Descartes).

Next week we will introduce the winner for 'Teamwork'. See our  Careerspage for an overview of current open positions at Zenitel.

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