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Meet our India Team: Ashutosh Chauhan and Deepak Vasudevan

Despite these factors, Zenitel solutions operate reliably and successfully in verticals, including building security, power and industrial plants, port and airport applications, smart cities, healthcare and defense sites, tunnels, as well as Indian Railway trains and stations. Ambient noise levels across many of our Indian installations fluctuate continuously, therefore, our customers have quickly realized the benefits of Zenitel’s active noise reduction, automatic volume control, and echo cancellation technologies. Indian customers were also among the first to take advantage of our new HD video intercom stations that launched in late 2020, and they are appreciative of Zenitel’s technological leadership. Our team responsible for South Asia operates from this vast country and we are excited to introduce two of its members from Delhi and Bangalore.

What is your background?
Deepak Vasudevan
I have a Graduate degree in electronics and communications and a master’s degree in MBA HRM. I began my career in the audio industry as a technical specialist with Ateis, an OEM of public address and voice alarm systems. I continued my journey as a product specialist with Honeywell Security and Fire. I then switched to a marketing function, where I interacted with customers, end users and involved in new product introduction for public address and voice alarm products.

Ashutosh Chauhan
I have a diploma in instrumentation and control engineering and a graduate degree in electronics and communication. I worked in the electronic security industry for ONITY – a UTC group company and WYNTRONIX before joining Zenitel. I have experience with security systems installations, trainings and integrations with elevators, automatic doors, boom barriers and software in cities and countries across Asia.

What do you enjoy about your role?
Deepak Vasudevan
Meeting different types of people and learning about our products. I am proud to be a Zeniteller and to represent our products, and it is so satisfying to see our products meet customer expectations.

Ashutosh Chauhan
We can give solutions for any customer requirement. We can provide a solution for a new project, we can integrate with an old project, and we can almost integrate with any product and software. Our team provides answers in a timely manner, along with a world class product, service, and solutions. I enjoy being a part of that process.

How have you seen end users embracing Zenitel and audio as a security solution in India?
Deepak Vasudevan
End users trust our product and the technology. They appreciate the fact that all our intercom stations deliver crystal clear audio even in a noisy environment. They also appreciate the support that we offer with pre- and post-sales.

Ashutosh Chauhan
End users are very happy using Zenitel products as it is best in its class. With a vast product range, we match customer needs and allow them to have clear audio across various segments.

What do our partners like about selling Zenitel intelligent communication solutions in India?
Deepak Vasudevan
Our partners acknowledge that Zenitel is best in class product with strong mechanics and hardware and that is supported with feature rich software. And, the Zenitel training eco-system ensures that all our partners are trained on the products, which helps them to address all customer requirements. We do lot of customer trainings and live demos, which helps in brand awareness and building confidence on our product.

Ashutosh Chauhan
They appreciate that Zenitel is a solid solutions provider worldwide, with a vast variety of solutions and software. Our local team is always available for support in their local language.

What career advice do you have?
Deepak Vasudevan
Always think positive and be trustworthy; behavior comes first and then the subject. Your growth depends on how you interact with people and their trust in you. Become an expertise in your subject, and never stop learning.

Ashutosh Chauhan
Keep learning, be knowledgeable with your subject, practice discipline, and keep your priorities straight.

What do you like to do in your free time?
Deepak Vasudevan
I like to go trekking; it really helps refresh my mind and do things in a better way. I am also a music aficionado; I play “Mirudhangam”, which is a classical instrument. To keep myself fit I play badminton and practice yoga. I also like to spend time with my family.

Ashutosh Chauhan
I like to read: I have a large book collection in my personal library. I practice yoga and go to the gym. I also like spend time with my family and help my kids in their studies.




Segment: Building Security, Government, Healthcare, Education, Commercial & Corporate, Detention, Finance, Transportation, Parking, Tunnels, Airports
Location: Global

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