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Meet our Team: Stella Huang

What is your background?
My education is in Languages and Business. My past experience includes international sales roles in the security industry with IP cameras and VMS solutions, and now with intercom solutions. I have been successful developing business relationships with multiple channel tiers in Southeast Asia. 

What do you enjoy about your role at Zenitel?
As a salesperson like many others, I face all types of situations, good and bad. They’re a part of the role. But that’s why I love this job! I used to fly to different countries for business and become friends with partners, even outside of work, and I look foward to meeting Zenitel colleagues and partners in person at our many office locations.

How has the security and safety industry changed since you began working at Zenitel?
When I began my career, I saw the transition from analog solutions to IP solutions. In addition, with emerging brands getting into surveillance solutions, the whole industry faced price competition. However, “with crisis comes opportunities”, and I see the industry turning to a technical focus, with the market expecting complete solutions in all vertical segments. Security requirements from different regions and segments are diversified. That’s the time when the ecosystem and joint forces across the global industry are highly emphasized. Now, more than ever, cybersecurity and AI-based intelligence are important. The Internet of Things era is more than just a concept; it’s happening with the implementation of 5G communications. We will see requests for more hyperscale projects like smart cities with a need for thousands or more security devices.

What advice would you give someone who is looking to work in a sales and strategic alliances role?
Long-term customer relationships and sustainable business are key to success. There will be obstacles that may stop you from moving forward, but the taking first step (even a small one) is very important. I have a mentor who told me that: "It’s never going to be sunny day every day." That is the situation with sales. Having a stable and optimistic mind to overcome the low tides is a must-learned lesson in the sales journey.

What has most excited you about the work that Zenitel does and the communications solutions that it provides?
Audio is always a top priority with security solutions; it is equally important as video and access control. I’m impressed with Zenitel's audio quality, including its automatic volume control and solutions for all vertical markets that meet end user's needs.

What do you like to do in your free time?
I like to try and learn new things. I particularly enjoy exploring the culinary arts, ranging from restaurants to street foods and food cultures. We eat every day, so I take extra thoughts to my daily meals. My recent interest is to cook nutrition-balanced and delicious meals on my own, which is not easy, but is worth doing. Also, I started gardening with the COVID outbreak, and I find it mentally therapeutic to cultivate plants. Now I shop for gardening tools more than clothes!

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