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Meet Zenitel at Intertraffic Amsterdam 2018

Come to see and hear the latest intelligent communication products and solutions for tunnels, highways, rail and parking.

Zenitel systems provide high availability, scalability, reliability, maintainability, and cyber defensibility. By reducing hardware to a minimum, and keeping the benefits of centralized server management, organizations have more flexibility in scale and performance. Our PULSE system provides an IP Intercom and PA platform without the need of external or virtual server equipment. The solutions cover general public requests for emergency support and assistance.

By providing secure and reliable communication solutions for the transportation of people and goods, we make it easier and safer for you to get from A to B. Visit Zenitel at Intertraffic Amsterdam 2018, stand 01.138 to hear and see the difference for yourself.

From multi-level to fully automated car parks, the ability to provide maximum security is vital. A large proportion of problems and issues occur in parking areas; yet these can be difficult to monitor and control. People require access to immediate assistance and the ability to clearly communicate and get a fast and effective response. Vingtor-Stentofon AlphaCom integrates with any type or number of third-party products, both hardware and software. This means a stronger sense of security and safety for your customers in the parking areas and for the operator, an efficient way of proactively protecting people and property.
Zenitel offers integrated audio communication solutions across all rail segments such as Rolling Stock, Main Hall, Platform, Tracks & Control Center. We have over 70 years of experience in delivering commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) end devices for Public Address and Intercom Solutions. Full compliance with open standard protocols such as SIP and SNMP enables effortless integration of our audio solutions with other subsystems such as PIS, Intercom, CCTV, GSM-R, etc. Our solutions provide technology that lets your staff respond quickly and efficiently to incidents in real-time, thereby helping to elevate the security of staff and infrastructure at all times.
Highway Toll intercom and audio solutions is a very demanding area where noise, dust and frequent change in weather conditions require specific features such as full open duplex, noise cancellation, station’s monitoring provisioning, and integration with supervision tools. Vingtor-Stentofon's proven solution with vandal weather resistant SIP stations is especially designed to handle these extremes.
Zenitel originates from Norway, a land with over 1000 road tunnels with a combined length of 800 km. Our portfolio focuses on state-of-the art VoIP solutions under our Vingtor-Stentofon brand. Our solution for tunnel emergency communication offers a complete system that handles all stages of critical communication between tunnel users and emergency services.

Integrators choice in making turn key solutions

In addition to our proprietary Alphanet protocol (a protocol for connecting multiple AlphaCom systems together allowing you to network mutliple standalone systems that are placed in different locations), Vingtor-Stentofon intercoms fully embrace the use of SIP protocol and therefore opens up a multitude of possibilities with integration. Our end devices can be directly connected to any third-party SIP server and offer various operational telephony services.

Integration should be easy - that is why we offer application programming interfaces (API) and software development kits (SDK). Our systems support open integration standards such as SIP, SNMP, SMPT, NTP, Syslog, G.722 and much more.

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