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New product launch - AlphaView

AlphaView: View – Act - Store

AlphaView shows the status of intercom devices using maps and makes it easy for operators to:

  • View  -   calls and call requests
  • Act  -   easily and quickly to events and requests 
  • Store -   an onscreen history of events

Where can it be used?

Primarily intended for use in a control room environment. It provides a clear overview for operators with multiple layout possibilities according to the operator`s preference. Layouts can be defined to cover single or multiple screens. They can be added edited and deleted by administrators.

AlphaView dual screen - picture

Overview multiple screen layout

Multiple functionality to reduce response times

AlphaView is an ideal tool for operators in a control room environment, it allows them to:

  • Get a quick overview of the system status – support for multiple monitors
  • Respond quickly to events and call requests
  • View video from linked intercoms on call events
  • View the status and operate remote I/O
  • Extend functionality through custom scripting and general purpose devices
  • IM all other operators

More information

For more information please visit our AlphaView page. Here you will find all you need to know regarding licensing, order numbers and availability. 

Please note that AlphaView replaces AlphaVision (which is no longer available) and is not backward compatible with AlphaVision. Therefore, customers who have already ordered AlphaVision but have not received the license yet will be offered the possibility to install AlphaView without additional license cost, this offer includes the necessary API licenses in the AlphaCom.

You can also contact your local sales representative or send an email to alphasupport(at)

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