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New Vingtor-Stentofon ACM Advanced Integrated System

The Vingtor-Stentofon ACM Advanced Integrated system is based on Zenitel’s well known marine communication exchange and offers an additional set of modules in order to integrate further functions. The system is already available to marine professionals worldwide and will be shown at Nor-Shipping, Oslo from 9-12 June 2009.

Zenitel introduced the Vingtor-Stentofon ACM family of Integrated Data and Communication System back in 2007 and the Vingtor-Stentofon ACM Advanced in September 2008. With no compromise with respect to capabilities, reliability and stability, using an IP system like this at sea allows ships to use open standards such as SIP and Web 2.0 services which allows the system to connect to many other security systems like radio, Public Address, telephony, camera’s and control rooms or the marine bridge. Zenitel’s ACM Advanced Integrated solution uses IP technology to offer a complete integrated system for Communication, Data, Safety and Entertainment onboard. With the system, reduced cost in infrastructure, more efficient operation, improved user experience and the confidence of type approved and certified systems are achieved.

Zenitel Marine has also paid a lot of attention to making sure both new and existing customers can take advantage of IP. Providing full backwards compatibility, Zenitel customers can mix new generation IP stations and services with traditional ones, thereby capitalizing on existing equipment and competence. Also thanks to IP, the total cost of ownership of an intercom system has decreased, since installation can occur on existing networks.

An ACM Standard Integrated and an Analogue ACM system are also available which meets more basic onboard communication requirements in a cost effective way.

The Vingtor-Stentofon Advanced system offers all the features of the Standard Integrated system, like supporting Vingtor-Stentofon's Integrated PA, GA, Talkback and telephone solution, and features the latest developments like IP telephony, Web management and IP switching. IP DECT base stations may also be directly connected offering an extremely resourceful solution for deploying a wireless network onboard. Basically, its more flexible and cheaper to maintain and expand systems.

But more importantly, Zenitel Marine’s Advanced Integrated System makes a significant offering to IP at Sea by providing communication, data and safety using Zenitel’s ‘all in one cable’ solution. Using this advanced wiring and patch solution results in a significant reduction in cabling infrastructure as a single CAT7 cable can be used for all communication devices.

Uniquely, the ACM Advanced solution utilizes a new modular building practice to allow customers to select from a wide set of function modules which best suit their needs – providing audio and data communication from 30 to over 1,000 users.

Zenitel has increased the station range to accompany the new ACM system. ACM systems can be used with Zenitel’s new IP DECT base stations which together with IP and analogue telephones and intercoms, enjoy access to the same set of ACM features. The advantage is a single, simple, user experience and seamless mobility; you can contact someone or be contacted where ever you are on the ship.

ACM Advanced Integrated can also be used with the newly designed IP station range which includes an IP CRM V Master for control room environments, and an IP Flush Master station of the highest specification. Using the latest communication technology, the stations will connect directly to the IP network, and offers a full set of critical communication features such as integrated firewall, group call, call priority and over-ride. This enables the delivery of instant, efficient and secure voice and data services in an IP environment.
All in all, it’s only by using Vingtor-Stentofon certified products for communication, data, safety and entertainment that you can relax in the knowledge you are accessing the most powerful, stable and configurable intercom system at sea.