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Zenitel Multimedia page snapshot

Check out our new Zenitel multimedia page

We have been steadily expanding our offering of multimedia content, and plan to add even more. Now, we have launched a new Zenitel multimedia page to provide this content in one convenient library.

One-stop shop for Zenitel multimedia

Our multimedia library compiles Zenitel multimedia information related to our company and its offerings, as well as industry insights. The key sections include:

  • Zenitel Podcast and other audio  - In this section, we will post our quarterly updates from our CEO, Kenneth Dåstøl, as well as training and event invitations and other audioclips.
  • Promotional videos - In this section, we spotlight the latest highlights for our products, solutions and more. Current highlights include our installations at Oslo's Central Station and Gardemoen Airport, as well as our solutions onboard the Bastø Fosen ferries and more.
  • How-to videos - This series provides quick, practical guidance on factory resets and configurations in an easy-to-follow visual format.
  • Zenitel asks … - The videos in this category touch on a number of industry-related topics, including intelligent, communications, intelligibility, the importance of interoperability, and the IT mandate for communications. 

The page also provides a direct link to our YouTube channel, to simplify subscribing.

Click here to view our new multimedia page.

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