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Custom made Intercom Station

Our Turbine intercom station is not just robust, it also features a sleek, elegant design that makes it perfect for everything from the harshest environments to...

Master Clock Systems

Currently, more than 20,000 ships rely on our equipment and intelligent communication systems to keep their crystal-clear communications up, and running.

Spotted at Sola, Stavanger Airport in Norway - our Turbine station used as a help point.

Our goal for airports is to keep passengers informed and ensure airport operations run smoothly. Security, safety, and service all depend on a good information flow.

Help points in public areas

Our Turbine intercoms are designed to be vandal proof and resist harsh weather conditions. Built to last, while ensuring users can hear, be heard, and be...

9 reasons to chose EXIGO - 9

9 - Remote Management

Canada's New Naval Support Ship

MarineLink recently published a story about Canada’s new Naval Support Ship. Photo credit both pictures: Davie Shipbuilding

9 reasons to chose EXIGO - 8

8 - Advanced Monitoring

9 reasons to chose EXIGO - 7

7 - Complies with International Rules and Regulations

9 reasons to chose EXIGO - 6

6 - Seamless Redundancy

Ringing in the New Year

2018 promises to be a year full of exciting developments and challenges.

Zenitel goes even greener

As Zenitel thrives to be an environmentally friendly company – we are always looking for «green» solutions.

9 reasons to chose EXIGO - 5

5 - Scalable