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Cost-Effective Maritime Communication Solutions for Offshore Wind Power CSOVs

The offshore wind industry continues to develop. Ha Long Shipbuilding Company in Vietnam is currently constructing the two first modern CSOV vessels for the Netherlands’ Damen Shipyards Group. In collaboration with Alphatron Marine B.V., Zenitel has provided reliable and cost-effective maritime communication solutions for these CSOVs.

offshore wind industry demand for CSOV's
Photo: Damen Shipyards / Windcat © 2024

According to McKinsey the offshore wind industry is expected to grow to 630 GW by 2050. As a result, the demand for advanced Commissioning Service Operation vessels (CSOVs) is on the rise. Many projects all over the world require CSOVs to ensure efficient and safe installation and maintenance of offshore wind farms.

Addressing the Challenges of Harsh Offshore Wind Farm Environment

Vietnam shipbuilder Ha Long Shipbuilding Company has become the first in the region to build two 8720 model CSOVs for export. Ships are to be equipped with different advanced features to provide safe and cost-effective operations for offshore wind farm. The CSOVs have a height of 5.3m, a length of 88.6m, a width of 19.7m, and a tonnage of 6.700 GT. The complex design of the ships provides them with stability amid high winds and waves and resistance to harsh sea conditions. This enables the crew of the offshore wind farm to safely reach wind turbines and deliver the necessary equipment for maintenance or repair.

Vietnam's Shipbuilding Industry: Trends and Prospects

The Vietnam Shipbuilding Industry Research Report 2023-2032 forecasts a CAGR of 6 percent from 2023 to 2032, with the value of ships produced expected to reach US$680 million. Vietnam's involvement in the ASEAN Maritime Forum and its collaboration with international partners drive constant improvement of its shipbuilding capabilities. The industry's adaptability and resilience present great opportunities for foreign customers.

The Crucial Role of CSOVs and SOVs for the Offshore Wind Industry

The demand for service operation vessels and commissioning service operation vessels is driven by the growth in the construction of offshore wind power plants, the increasing size of wind turbines and their platforms, and the distance of new projects from the coast, which is expected to increase to 70 km by 2025. Specially designed to operate in these conditions, CSOVs and SOVs help the crew of wind farms maintain, repair, and deliver essential equipment over long distances.

Creating Ideas that Change the Maritime World

We are proud to take part in this project with Zenitel’s trusted partner Alphatron Marine B.V. This is an innovative company that specializes in maritime technologies for communication and navigation. The company's team is recognized experts in the field of development, design, and engineering of advanced solutions in strict accordance with the vessel's needs.

Cost-effective maritime communication solutions

Zenitel supplied a solution that provides the crew with reliable communications in the challenging offshore wind farm environment. Our equipment package for service vessels consisted of:

In this project, our task was to ensure optimal quality and cost-effectiveness. Moreover, Zenitel is well-positioned to provide our clients in the offshore wind industry with more complex and advanced turnkey maritime communication solutions, fulfilling all specific requirements and needs. At Zenitel, we have gained extensive experience in delivering such turnkey solutions. From CCTV systems to advanced wireless communication solutions interfaced with Intercom/PABX, and IPTV solutions for crew welfare and visual safety message broadcast. Our solutions optimize safety on board and operational efficiency on all types of vessels and installations globally.