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Open Options Announces DNA Fusion Access Control Security Integration with Vingtor-Stentofon AlphaCom Audio Servers

As a result of the partnership, Open Options’ flagship access control software solution, DNA Fusion, now has a security integration with the Vingtor-Stentofon AlphaCom audio servers. The AlphaCom exchange has been added to the hardware tree in DNA Fusion as well as master and sub-station intercoms, which allows many additional features, including the ability to:

  • Receive events from the intercom system.
  • Add intercom components to graphic maps in DNA Fusion.
  • View change of state when station is in use.
  • Click on an icon to answer an incoming call.
  • Use host macros to take action in DNA Fusion based on AlphaCom events — For example, when call button is pushed, calling up a camera at a door.
  • Emergency notification on event — An alarm generated in DNA Fusion can initiate notification to the AlphaCom system in an emergency.

“Because we know that access control is just one important element of a comprehensive security solution, we continuously seek ways to enhance our products through integrations with industry leaders,” said Open Options President and General Manager Jonathan Berman. “Integrating Vingtor-Stentofon’s AlphaCom audio servers with DNA Fusion provides an important level of communication to our customers.”

Open Options’ DNA Fusion access control software provides a complete access control solution including door control, visitor management, and photo ID management in an open platform that interfaces seamlessly with other systems such as video, biometrics, wireless locks, and intercoms. DNA Fusion can be managed via a regular client, the web, or Apple and Android smartphones.

Vingtor-Stentofon’s AlphaCom audio servers offer powerful and flexible communication platforms enabling security systems to act in the most effective and fastest possible way during critical situations. AlphaCom XE is designed with CCoIP (Critical Communication over IP) incorporation which ensures the delivery of instant and secure voice and data services. Vingtor-Stentofon is a division of Zenitel.

“Open Options has been a long and respected Vingtor-Stentofon partner,” said Dan Rothrock, Zenitel Senior Vice President Global OEM Accounts. “To see how they’ve improved the integration of DNA and AlphaCom shows value to the market place of having access control, video and audio all tied together for a comprehensive security solution. This is an excellent integration and we look forward to providing continued market driven solutions alongside Open Options.”

Segment: Building Security, Government, Healthcare, City Protection & Public Safety, Education, Commercial & Corporate, Detention, Finance, Transportation, Rail-Infrastructure, Parking, Tunnels, Airports
Location: Global, Norway, US

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