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Piet de vriendt in a&s magazine

Piet De Vriendt interviewed in A&S International

This is the introduction to an in depth article about Security and Communications equipment and Harsh environments  written by journalist William Pao in A&S International. 

For Intercom and PA manufacturer Zenitel, it chooses polyamide as the material for making its industrial-grade PA call panels and intercom stations.

Placed at entries of residences door phones should be able to adapt to various local climate conditions. «Initially, our PA system was designed for the oil and gas industry and marine vessels. Polyamide is resistant to corrosion, so it’s suitable for marine environments. Also that material is quite stron so it can withstand impact», said Piet De Vrinedt. Commercial Product Manager for Vingtor-Stentofon at Zenitel.

Vingtor-Stentofon’s latest line of Intercom for Industrial appplications. «Fewer and fewer companies are making intercom stations out of metal for industrial applications as new technologies have improved for poyamide, which is also better for corrosion and chemical resistance», said De Vriendt.

Download and read the full story online to learn more about international standards for IK ratings, hazardous areas and Ingress Protection.

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