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The Power of Audio

In an emergency, an IP intercom solution that employs audio can detect noises, such as a person screaming, a gunshot, other sounds that are not within direct view of a video camera.

Audio can also prevent harmful situations from happening. Someone waving at you to stop walking towards them, for example, may be misconstrued as them enthusiastically greeting you.  Hearing their voice can help you to know that what they really mean is “Stop! Go Back! There’s danger ahead.”  

The importance of audio in security solutions cannot be overstated, and without a doubt, audio provides a critical piece to any security solution. Access control allows a team to safeguard a facility and allow entry, but it doesn’t always provide real-time information. Video surveillance allows security teams to see and detect, but used alone, it has its limits with providing a complete view of a situation, as well. Audio brings those two elements together and creates a well-rounded and interactive solution,providing information and actionable insight into risks and potential physical breaches.  

How is audio used in to keep people, assets, and property safe? IP intercom solutions and public address systems have emerged as a “must have” security solution, as they allow people to hear, be heard, and be understood, every time and in every situation.

For example, on ships and ferries, audio via loudspeakers allows a ship captain to communicate with everyone on board from the ship bridge. In a noisy engine room, instructions can be heard, loud and clear, as well.

On and in oil refineries, rugged and durable intercom, public address, and general alarm (PAGA) and two-way radio systems mean that instructions can be heard, every time.   

In manufacturing plants, intercom and audio solutions ensure that plant operators can communicate to the entire plant or to selected zones. The perimeter can be protected via automated messages if an alarm is triggered.

In hospitals, intercom solutions can allow access and crystal-clear communication to restricted areas, cleanrooms, and isolation rooms.

In retail stores, instant voice communication is the key to delivering a quality customer experience, and intercom solutions and speakers can assist customers, help security guards to perform their jobs better, and enable communication between office staff and sales personnel.

Intercom solutions in prisons provide efficient audio and video assistance for visitors, cell communications, and with prison management systems to enhance the guard’s insight into situations and events.

And in K-12 schools and on universities, intercom and public address systems can keep students safe, via access control at doors, public address announcements throughout campus, and via communication for daily operations.
Whether it’s an offshore oil rig, a manufacturing plant, a school, or a healthcare facility, solutions that ensure the ability to hear, be heard, and be understood in every situation are a critical part of everyday lives and ensuring safety and security.

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