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New PST Annual Threat Assessment maintains the focus on school safety

The Norwegian Directorate for Civil protection has previously stated that more measures must be taken, in order to minimize casualties in the case of a school shooting or other critical events.

School Safety; Zenitel Intercom station at a school in OsloSince September 2013, Zenitel and their partner Ascom have been installing Vingtor-Stentofon Intercom communication solutions to over 100 Oslo schools as part of a frame agreement signed with the municipal of Oslo.

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Instant two-way audio communication

The basic system is based on instant two-way audio communication, including distribution of live and prerecorded messages to selected areas or to the entire school. This makes it possible for both teachers and students to raise the alarm in all kinds of situations.

By the end of 2017 all municipal schools in Oslo will have been equipped with these systems.

Such measures are necessary as in many situations a fire alarm is not enough. Evacuation to a pre-determined assembly area can be counterproductive in certain scenarios. In these instances, safety and security professionals recommend a voice or PA alarm that can provide situational and zone specific messages.

CEO of Zenitel Kenneth Dåstøl comments, “We strongly support the continued focus on school safety from the Norwegian government and the Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection. As we have witnessed in other countries and regions where we operate, it is a necessity for educational institutions to reassess security procedures and policies to make sure they are prepared for all eventualities”.

He continued, “Together with Ascom, we have made sure that in a few simple steps, schools can have effective daily communication as well as provide critical directions and assurance in any emergency. We are pleased to see that the Oslo Schools are now using the same systems we have delivered to other countries throughout the years. Allowing both students and teachers to hear, be heard and be understood in any situation”.

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