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PST`s Annual Threat Assessment highlights the need for organizational Cybersecurity

Perpetrators look for known vulnerabilities
The perpetrators look at a company`s network operations and data systems to identify any vulnerabilities that can be exploited. Intruders are interested in retrieving confidential information from a business. Perpetrators  increasingly have the ability and willingness to manipulate information and sabotage digital systems.

Every new system, application or network service added comes with potential security vulnerabilities, making cyber protection increasingly more difficult and complex. By confronting the serious network security risks pragmatically, you can reap the benefits while minimizing security risks.

To accomplish this, you need a solid cybersecurity plan and the resources to execute it. Handling cybersecurity risk reduction up front typically takes less resources than having to clean up after avoidable cyber-attacks.

Defending against cyber attacks
The vast majority of cybersecurity problems that occur can be prevented by proactive actions, technology and practices that are already available. Yet, many organizations are overwhelmed by the “Fog of More”: more work, problems, regulatory and compliance requirements, conflicting opinions, marketplace noise, and unclear or daunting recommendations than anyone can manage. Even for the rare Enterprise that has the information, expertise, resources and time to sort through everything, it is rarely true for all their key business partners, suppliers and clients.

Zenitel is a proud member of CIS (Center for Internet Security)
Zenitel is proud to be a CIS SecureSuite member. Through this membership, we are further bolstering our cybersecurity defenses by leveraging CIS SecureSuite resources that include CIS Benchmarks, consensus-based, internationally recognized security configuration resources, including CIS-CAT Pro, and CIS Controls, a set of cyber practices, developed by experts around the world, to stop today’s most pervasive and dangerous cyber attacks

Zenitel Cybersecurity Hardening Guide
Zenitel has developed a Cybersecurity Hardening Guide to help you approach your planning, based on the CIS Controls. It combines our experience applying best practices developed by CIS to support end users and integrators to build a good cyberdefense. Find our more information about our Cybersecurity efforts here.