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Rail Rolling Stock segment

With our SIP Amplifier and VoIP end-devices, Vingtor-Stentofon aims to be the integrator’s choice in fulfilling client system requirements. We provide commercial off the shelf SIP VoIP end-devices for PA, Intercom and Train Radio Integration.

IP has slowly become the norm, at least for telephony services on-board. Now, there is also a standard series that defines the Train Ethernet Backbone and its applications - IEC 61375 / IEC 62580.  SIP has established itself as the preferred method of connecting emergency call devices to the on-board IPBX.

Vingtor-Stentofon is providing an exciting new development in on-board communication with the ability to address a PA amplifier through through SIP, directly from the IPBX. Utilizing such open standards ultimately means more freedom of choice for our clients when it comes to future upgrades and alterations.

Our delivery of the MiniMetro Pisa train is one of our Rolling Stock projects.

Here you can read more about our offerings to Rolling Stock

Segment: Transportation, Rail-Rolling Stock

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