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Sweden and Denmark look to Norway for school security solution

On the heel of this successful implementation, representatives from Swedish and Danish companies attended the demonstration, with a view toward seeing how they can utilize it in their own countries.

Participants included the Swedish companies JNT AB and COBS AB, as well as John Drejer AS from Denmark and Ascom AS from Norway. As security and public safety becomes paramount worldwide, in the face of a climate of uncertainty, increasing numbers of educational institutions are exploring how they can be best prepared, should the unthinkable happen.

Frame agreement in Oslo

In 2013, the authorities in Oslo decided that all Primary, Secondary and Upper-secondary schools should have an intercom system installed by 2017. Zenitel subsequently won a frame agreement with the municipality of Oslo, through their partner Ascom. The resulting system makes it possible to place emergency calls in the event of any conceivable critical event such as school attacks, accidents, threats and bullying.

Pupils feel safer

Torill Røeggen, head teacher at Ullern School in Oslo, one of the schools benefitting from the Zenitel system, remarks;

“I feel very secure knowing that we have this system. It’s easy to use, and it is reassuring for me to know what I need to do in different scenarios. The pupils also feel safer due to the systems being installed at their school.”

She continues, “Some of our doors close automatically, and, if you have forgotten your access card, it’s really convenient to use the intercom to call the reception. This shows that the system doesn’t need to be used only in critical situations.”

Intelligible voice communication

Zenitel’s solution offers intelligible voice communication that responds to both operational and critical communication needs. The system integrates easily with other security platforms like access control and video cameras, enabling automated processes. In addition, it is easy to carry out a school’s communication from one central console, thanks to the system’s support of open protocols, such as SIP.

A range of technological features enables school staff and the authorities to quickly detect and handle any critical situation. Audio analytics can detect sounds like breaking glass, creating an automatic alert so that security personnel can be dispatched promptly. A silent alarm function can provide a discrete notification whenever an undesired situation develops, allowing staff to take effective action without creating a panic situation.

Proven solution that can be easily replicated

Zenitel CEO Kenneth Dåstøl comments, “As a Norwegian company, we are pleased to be able to share our knowledge and experience from Oslo schools with our Scandinavian partners and customers.”

“Unfortunately, security at schools is a concern throughout the world. Zenitel has an established and proven solution that we have been delivering to Norway and many other countries for many years. It therefore makes sense to use our international network to replicate this success throughout Scandinavia,” adds Dåstøl.

About Zenitel Group

Zenitel has a strong presence in both the onshore and offshore secure communications market through its product brand, Vingtor-Stentofon. The brand is recognized globally for offering advanced offshore and onshore communication systems. Vingtor-Stentofon provides integrated security communications for environments where life, property and assets are at stake.

Vingtor-Stentofon’s primary system offering is within Public Address, Intercom and Radio. The key markets include: Building Security Public Safety, Transportation, Industrial, Oil Gas and Maritime.

Zenitel is listed on the Euronext stock exchange in Brussels, with its statutory headquarter situated in Belgium. Zenitel’s operational headquarter is in Norway.

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