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Security Conference Israel - 2020

The 2020 Israel Police Security Conference – “Security in a Changing Reality" – gave Stentofon Israel and other civil security companies the chance last month to present trends, processes, and plans for the upcoming security year in the state of Israel.

Security companies at the conference displayed developments in both physical and electronic protection. These included the use of caches, cameras, analytics, human detecting tools and tools for detecting remnants of explosives.

“The Israeli police are committed to the best possible response to threats of changing and dynamic reality,” said Motti Cohen, the deputy inspector-general of the Israeli Police who presided over the conference. “Cooperation with civilian security forces is important in preventing terror of any kind and in achieving the central goal - the personal security of the citizens. Security systems are an important element of the national security concept and, therefore, collaboration and effective knowledge-sharing are the basis for successful maintenance of human lives and citizens’ security."

Stentofon Israel's place at the conference

Stentofon Israel CEO Dudu Elul attended the conference. He explained that the event is highly exclusive, and that only companies or agencies pre-judged to have a unique and professional contribution to the state of security in Israel are permitted to present.

“Our unique contributions include the ability to handle multiple and simultaneous events with pre-designed response chains and on-the-spot communication with any location that has our system in it,” Elul said. “It is not enough to have a CCTV system and be able to see an event transpiring - we provide security forces the ability to immediately interact during an emergency by giving instructions, to maintain pristine communication capabilities, and to choreograph response teams and security forces. And we can do so in any environment, under any circumstances and at all times.”

Elul said that the event’s focus on a changing reality was highly relevant as well. He added that Stentofon Israel was well-equipped to provide cutting-edge security solutions.

“From a marketing point of view, recent years have brought the concept of security and security means to the very forefront of worldwide interest and importance,” he said. “Even more so in Israel, where the need for security is especially acute. Presenting in this conference means exposure and prestige in the eyes of governmental decision-makers, police or army-guided agencies and security advisors."

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