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Tagensbo school chooses Vingtor-Stentofon

The Danish school, Tagensbo Skole, chooses Vingtor-Stentofon for their IP-based Communication and Public Address system.

Vingtor-Stentofon's Danish partner SIKOM Denmark A/S has received an order for an IP-based Communication and Public Address system for the school Tagensbo Skole in Denmark.

The system will be integrated to the existing IP-telephony system, the fire alarm system and the existing Public Address speakers.

Following several school shootings around the world the school has also made plans in case of terror. The Public Address system is a natural part of the measures the school has taken to avoid damage in case of terror or other unwanted situations.

The IP-based notification system from SIKOM Denmark is built on an IP-Platform and provides options for automating the evacuation process.

In the everyday school day the system works as a traditional Intercom and PA-system, where you can make calls from the admin stations to a single Intercom-station, a group or all stations on the school (All Call).

The Fire alarm system is integrated with the Calling system in such a way that the calling system handles evacuation messages during a fire alarm. Thus complementing the fire alarm system.

The system consists of:

  • One Vingtor-Stentofon XE-1 server
  • Numerous Turbine TCIS-3
  • Several Desktop stations
Segment: Building Security, Education