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Tasik Toba

The 105m DP-3 Subsea Operation Vessel “TASIK TOBA” has a 150 tonne knuckleboom subsea crane, Active Heave Compensated. Vessel has a 22.20 m diameter helideck for fast transfer of crew and operating staff. The vessel can accommodate 120 personnel.

What Zenitel delivered:
1. New EXIGO A + B PAGA system include:

  • 2 x ESC-1 System controllers
  • 8 + 2 Standby x ENA2200 Amplifiers
  • 4 x ECPIR-3P Call panels
  • 4 x EBMDR-8 Expansion panels
  • 2 x EAPII-1 Industrial access panels

2.Alphacom PBX system

3.Batteryless telephone system