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See Turbines Integrated into the UTC Center for Intelligent Buildings

The Turbine stations are installed to meet the communication needs of the employees and visitors of the facility. Shown here, the stations have been installed inEmergency stanchions in the parking areas, Turbine video stations at exterior doors, as well as at the gates as you exit and enter the parking areas. These Turbines are integrated into the Lenel access control platform. By utilizing Vingtor-Stentofon products, they are able to exceed the scorecard for critical communications. This includes:

Intelligibility: the ability to hear, to be heard, and to be understood. If you deploy solutions that do not meet this basic yet profound test, you have failed.
Interoperability: the strategy and execution in developing a robust programmatic interface and, as a result, a partner ecosystem that allows end users and integrators to build interconnected solutions with access control, video surveillance, digital messaging and more.
"Illities": the acknowledgement that critical communications are mission critical and must be measured to the "Ilities". This includes: reliability, availability, maintainability, sustainability and defensibility built into the form and function of the solution.



About the Building:

"The UTC Center for Intelligent Buildings is more than a high-tech, modern workspace. It’s a living showcase of what’s possible when our technologies are implemented intelligently and integrated to increase efficiency, protect people and property, and enhance the occupant experience.

The building serves as the global headquarters for UTC Climate, Controls Security and includes members of the Otis Americas regional headquarters team. It was designed and constructed with a focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility."

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