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Turbine in TV series

Turbine stations appears in Norway’s most popular TV series

Skam is an award winning Norwegian TV drama series taking us through the lives of average teenagers at Hartvig Nissen High School in Oslo. In the series we are presented to modern and diverse characters from different backgrounds, which contributes in making the series stand out. It is filled with a successful mixture of humor, self-irony and drama. The audience have shown a remarkable interest in the programme and now a following season is available.

A frame agreement for schools

To improve safety and security, Zenitel and Vingtor-Stentofon Partner Ascom have come up with a communication solution for schools. And a frame agreement for Vingtor-Stentofon Intercom Solutions was signed with the municipal of Oslo. Hartvig Nissen is one of 175 schools to have an operational Intercom system by 2019. The system is based on instant two-way communication, which includes the distribution of live and prerecorded messages to entire schools. According to Egil Omholt, teacher at Hellerud High School, this system will provide a reassurance of safety and a possibility to exercise a common responsibility in emergency situations.

The Intercom solution has currently been delivered to 70 of the 175 schools there is an existing agreement with. The system is practical in classrooms and school yards, yet also easy to operate. The principal or administration can talk to students and teachers and vice versa, due to a direct line created by pressing a button. Answering a call is not necessary in emergencies. With intercom, there is an opportunity to open a line despite no one answering. This creates a bigger security network for critical situations and a guaranty of receiving and delivering messages.

Turbine stations

Segment: Building Security, Education
Location: Norway