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Remote Factory Acceptance Tests

Therefore, at Zenitel, we have started to do multi-cam video FAT, and we are continue fine-tune our production to make sure we can leverage this offering in the future, as we see many advantages for implementing video FAT as a standard option. 

The remote inspection and testing are implemented via Microsoft Teams. A meeting is set up by the local test team; then, remote inspection- or test team members are invited to join. The local video streams are provided by up to 4 cameras, one mobile and the rest mounted. The video stream is then shared by the dedicated test area computer as a Virtual Camera in Microsoft Teams. The camera view can easily be changed by a producer and on request from the inspection participants. At the beginning of a video FAT, the test team and producer will go through and show the different camera angles, so participants can see the different view options. 

Mobile view

The local test engineer will have a GoPro camera as a mobile video device. Two-way communication allows the remote inspection team to guide the local test engineer around the setup in FAT room. The fixed cam option and wide field of view on GoPro allow for specific areas of the setup to be viewed in detail during the test, as required by the remote inspection team. 

Advantages of video FAT

Our customers are always welcome to witness the FAT testing of their critical communication setup. However, given the cost and time implications of traveling to Norway, we are introducing remote video FAT as a service. These are some of the advantages for video FAT: 

  • Removes the need for the customer to send a team to Norway
  • Removes travelling time
  • Saves on the cost of flights and hotels
  • Removes need for employees to be present for the duration of the testing
  • Allows more employees to witness the test
  • Provides overviews and close-ups via fixed and mobile cameras 

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