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Vingtor-Stentofon® Announces Communication Gateway to Lenel OnGuard® System

Zenitel Group, a worldwide leader and supplier of the Vingtor-Stentofon brand of security and critical communication systems, announced today the IP gateway between the Lenel Onguard 2006 release 5.12.1xx and the  Vingtor-Stentofon AlphaCom E IP system.  The Vingtor-Stentofon E series of exchanges now provides a seamless integration via direct IP linking to Lenel OnGuard.

OnGuard’s 2006 intercom interface supports the Vingtor-Stentofon AlphaCom E in stand alone mode or AlphaNet configurations. The interface allows for secondary annunciation of intercom calls, events, and alarms to appear in the main alarm monitoring view. Alarms can be linked to digital video, global I/O activity, and OnGuard’s audit trail. With AlphaCom E’s Ethernet ports, direct connection to the customer’s IP network is possible for a seamless integration to Lenel OnGuard.

Vingtor-Stentofon's IP communication solution is an integrated audio and video platform designed to interface with an enterprise's telecommunications infrastructure. The solution provides voice, image and data links by using standard Ethernet network architecture allowing integration of all streams into one cohesive solution. The system employs standard VoIP protocols for audio encoding and control, and utilizes standard TCP/IP protocols for video and data transmissions, providing a seamless area-wide network.

Through IP, the AlphaCom improves cost-efficiency, installation, service capabilities and system operations. The AlphaCom E provides full backwards compatibility. New generation IP stations and service can be mixed with traditional stations and services, thereby capitalizing on existing equipment and competence. AlphaCom E enhances integration capabilities by establishing a complete security environment. The key to improved security is to combine closed circuit television with two-way audio. The passive monitoring system becomes an interactive sight and sound security system.
Overall it delivers a modular architecture to accommodate growth and change offering a variety of features that can be added as needed, including networking capabilities to extend the system geographically and to interface with other systems.

"The AlphaCom E combines the best of the present AlphaCom system with the latest IP, Linux, and embedded networking technologies,” said Dan Rothrock, president, Zenitel USA. “Without compromising the strengths of the AlphaCom that have been recognized by customers worldwide, it brings new features into the IP domain. The gateway with Lenel is a huge step in allowing us to continue making strong partnerships in providing the most effective security solutions available.”

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