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Vingtor-Stentofon announce upgraded software for IP-stations

At the heart of every Vingtor-Stentofon operations is a wide selection of software and applications, always subjected to continuous improvement. 

In Vingtor-Stentofon , every software updates are based upon two simple principles:

1. Improved functionality
2. Reduced installation, configuration and maintenance time

Through our latest software releases, we are happy to announce major improvements in both.

Effectively save installation and configuration time
Our AlphaCom audio servers runs with software that controls all events in the networked communication system. Newest addition now includes:

  • Automatic detection and registration of all connected IP intercom stations
  • Automatic IP Configuration on all IP intercom stations
  • Simultaneously upgrade software to all IP intercom stations from a central location

Going forward, you will drastically save time and effort when installing and setting up Vingtor-Stentofon IP solutions.

Enhanced reporting through synchronized time
Our updated software now includes a time server (NTP). This allows you to distribute time from our Audio Servers to networking equipment such as Vingtor-Stentofon IP intercoms, IP DECT phones, PCs and SIP phones, and can be useful when retrieving and comparing logged information.

Manually choose to start and stop recording during a conversation
Audio recording are often used to analyze events after emergency situations or as part of investigations and court cases. Still, operators may not always feel comfortable when all their conversations are recorded. Our latest software recording release now includes “Start-and-Stop” recording for operators during ongoing conversations.