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Vingtor-Stentofon delivers intercom solution to Swedish school in Västmanland

The need of solutions for internal and public communication is increasing in Swedish schools. The communication solution contributes to higher level of security and preparedness, as well as an effective working flow for all the school’s users. Our Swedish partner, COBS, delivers communication solution for the school administration and pupils in Västmanland. The solution is consisting of Vingtor-Stentofon’s solution for internal communication for critical situations and provides the users of the school with the ability to give clear and understandable announcements.

Improving the daily communication with single announcements to groups or specific rooms

Fast and easy communication between teachers, the principal, janitor and others, makes the everyday life of the school’s personnel and pupils easier. Time and resources can be saved as the school’s personnel can communicate and send messages out to the school property’s different zones. Teachers can provide the pupils located in the gym, food hall our out in the schoolyard with important information from her or his desk, to give an example.

Play music in the gym and control access at entrances

Because of the high sound quality and special features of the intercom stations they have multiple application areas.  They can for example be connected to loudspeakers to play music. The stations can be used for door control with code lock, entrance-card reader and video surveillance.  With this solution the school can control who is entering the school, as well as regulate access to storerooms for gym equipment, computers and other valuables. 

Increased control in critical situations with voice alarm

What separates Vingtor-Stentofon’s products from other products for communication is the high security it provides. In situations where every second counts fast and reliable communication can be crucial. In such situations the voice alarm can be more effective as it has a more calming and informational effect, then traditional fire alarms with horns that can be stressful and annoying. With the help from secret code words or specific instructions the voice alarm can direct the school’s personnel and pupils into safety in controlled forms.

In some emergency situations it is safest to stay inside the school. The stations can in these circumstances trigger automatic locking of doors and fire doors. The stations can also be used to monitor other rooms and passengers that can be used for evacuation. 

Visit COBS at the Elfack exhibition in Göteborg from the 5-8th of May to get information and demonstrations of Vingtor-Stentofon’s products.

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