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Vingtor-Stentofon delivers Public Address system to the brand new «Harvest» fishing boat


Hardhaus’s fishing boat, “Harvest” is designed by Wärtsilä Ship Design Norway (WSDNO) at the Fitjar Me. Verksted. The vessel cost 200 million Norwegian Crowns and was delivered in June 2014. The fishing boat is the design type VS 6108 PSTR and got the shipyard building number FMV36.

Vingtor-Stentofon infrastructure

Zenitel supplied “Harvest” with a Public Address system of maritime standard. The ACM that Zenitel provides is a traditional IP based intercom station that support the Vingtor integrated telephone, talkback, Public Address (PA) and General Alarm (GA) concept. This solution cover areas where PA and GA is required onboard the vessel. The ACM intercom panels provide one user interface for PA, talkback and telephony simplifying operation onboard. IP DECT base stations connect directly to the ACM exchange over IP. The DECT telephones, IP telephones, analogue telephones and intercoms have all access to the same set of ACM features. The system infrastructure is network based, making it possible, with the proper configuration, to unify several IP systems into a common cable. This makes the system cost efficient, flexible and future proof.

Zenitel supply the vessel with a Batteryless Telephone system, VSP. This system is independent of the vessel’s power supply and it fulfils the demands for emergency communication between vital positions on board. The system can consist of up to 20 main stations with selector switch for selective calling between all connected stations. The VSP systems stations are low weighted, but robust and can be delivered for panel, desktop or bulkhead mounting.  The system is tested according to EN60945, and is type approved by DNV, LR, Rina, RMRS, CCS, CRS, ABS and GL.

Zenitel is the vessel’s supplier of Public Addres, a Vingtor Hailer System has been installed.

The Vingtor-Stentofon SCAS is an alarm system used to enable a person trapped in a locked room to get help. With this alarm system you can call for help and an alarm will go off on the bridge and outside the actual room.  

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