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Vingtor-Stentofon Develops Audio Integration with Pelco Video

The integration between Vingtor-Stentofon and Pelco provides a comprehensive “interactive” security system allowing security personnel to both see and hear what’s taking place in any situation or emergency.

The Vingtor-Stentofon/Pelco interface works by linking all cameras, monitors and intercom stations. When audio communication is established, this integration allows the switching matrix to either display high definition video streams from cameras to monitors or set up an audio link depending on the camera being viewed.

AlphaCom XE and Pelco Eudura are both extremely flexible in their capabilities with endless features and functions while the scripting capabilities, in both systems, make it simple to define the exact operation of the integrated system.

This new integration is perfect for any security environment especially control room based applications where close integration between audio and video is required. It combines high definition voice and video to provide access to a wide range of critical communication services.

Whether it is a PTZ camera pointed at a help point from which a call is received, or allowing a guard to press the same button to set up a communication link, the solution provides the control room staff the advantage and ease of both viewing and hearing what’s taking place. This is critical in any emergency or security situation.