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Vingtor-Stentofon opens demo room in Paris

We are proud to show you just a little bit of what you will see if you visit the Demo-room in our office in Nanterre outside Paris. The broad selection of state of the art Intercom really comes to life in this vibrant Vingtor-Stentofon yellow environment.

Consistent branding

This “Full IP” show-room is largely due to the “Turbine” effect! Actually, that range of intercom stations is so successful in exhibitions and in our “Audio Tour de France “, that it was impossible not to highlight those intercoms at our French headquarters! Of course, Turbine is accompanied by many other stations and AlphaCom XE servers that allow visitors to test the Vingtor-Stentofon HD Audio Quality! And in order to highlight clearly and ease the understanding of our products for our visitors, we have chosen to present our stations according to market segments: thus we give a complete picture of our range, but also of our functionalities!

Practical and clean design

To achieve this very satisfactory result (some photos show the “Before and After”!), it took a few weeks of discussions with two young architects (Oxygn Concepts), who quickly understood our needs and technical constraints (a lot of cables to hide and an easy access to the stations and their electronics). Then, succeeded a few months devoted to beautification work and modification of floors, ceilings, lightings, and installing Vingtor-Stentofon products. The result reaches our expectations and those of our visitors.

Visitors are impressed

Indeed, we just inaugurated the Showroom Vingtor-Stentofon with some very demanding customers and prospects (from the industry and the prisons environment), and their first impression was a common “Waoo”! It goes without saying that the retractable projector, coupled with the turbine video projected on a large video screen and the HD sound from the stations have not failed to impress our visitors!

The French sales team is now proud to possess a new asset to convince prospects to choose Vingtor-Stentofon , and a friendly place to welcome their customers!

We invite all our France based customers, A&E's and consultants to visit our new showroom. Any requests about live demonstrations can be directed to info.france[at]zenitel[dot]com ou au N° de tel :

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