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Vingtor-Stentofon Turbine included in a case study done by Genetec

Vingtor-Stentofon Turbine included in a case study done by Genetec

In a Genetec case study about Mobile Shutdown Systems B.V.’s offer of Security Monitoring for High-Risk Industrial Projects, Vingtor-Stentofon’s SIP Intercom Equipment is included as part of Sipelia Communications Management module within Security Centers.

In high-risk environments, such as oil refineries, chemical and manufacturing plants, its required constant supervision to contain safety for all workers. This also include for personnel who perform maintenance, repair and cleaning on a temporary basis. These high-risk environments are surrounded by heavy-duty equipment and tightly enclosed spaces. To maintain the safety for the temporary workers organizations set up manned stations with guards manually tracking the incoming and outgoing traffic. To communicate and give signals to the workers, the guards sometimes resorted to knocking a hammer on facility walls or areas that lead to the workers. The signals were performed in regular intervals and would be reciprocated by the workers to indicate everything was okay.

Mobile Shutdown Systems has found a more effective and cost-efficient method for this type of communication. Included in this solution is Vingtor-Stentofon SIP-enabled intercom system as a part of Sipelia Communications Management module within Secuirty Center. This solution will give operators the ability to communicate directly with people in the field and it will make it easier to handle access denied alarms or to address anyone in distress.

Read the case study by clicking here.

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