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Eirik Jeistad showing of new web

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After our two brands became one in November 2014, we wanted to gather all information in one place. To make it more convenient to our partners and customers, we have designed and developed a new website. Working on this project since the start is Senior Marketing Manager Eirik Jeistad. The project has been a process of gathering information, deciding on look and design, user experience and much more.

All of Zenitel in one place

Zenitel has gone from 13 to only one website. The result is a new webpage that works in all modern web browsers, on your tablet and smart phone. It is easy to access information through search or 3-click-process.

The two biggest improvements are segment orientation and the product portfolio. “There are of course many adjustments regarding the content available on the site. We need to have precise content specifically directed towards each segment”, Jeistad says. The segment orientation can also be seen in the design of the new Zenitel’s newsletter linking to the new website. The new version of Zenitel newsletter will be coming soon.

The second big change is the online product portfolio of product brands, including our own Vingtor-Stentofon. Customers will get easier access to information as all information on the datasheet will be available on the products page. All technical documentation is available on the product itself.

We hope that you will enjoy the new website!

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