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What is SIP

The SIP standard allows you to connect equipment from different manufacturers, and gives you a number of benefits such as:

  • Easier to reach – regardless of the type of communication system in use
  • Enable faster response – as more people are connected
  • More type of communication terminals can be interconnected
  • Optimized communication infrastructure by minimizing server hardware
  • Improved user experience – due to the seamless integration (number plan, number and name presentation)

There is today a wide range of SIP enabled equipment in the market ranging from IP telephones, DECT telephones, WiFi telephones, telephone gateways and iPBXs.

Vingtor-Stentofon AlphaCom E was the first intercom system in the world supporting SIP. The SIP interface was implemented and introduced in 2005. Over the last years AlphaCom E has been adapted and has proven interoperability with a wide range of SIP equipment. As a result of our efforts in the field of Unified Communications our IP-stations are available in SIP mode and can be connected to any iPBX.