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Zenitel was awarded Intercom supplier of the year by Work Boat World, a Baird Maritime Publication
Image © Zenitel Maritime & Energy 2022

Work Boat World Intercom Supplier of the Year

Zenitel, Work Boat World Intercom Supplier of the Year, can address all of a vessel’s needs when it comes to communication equipment. There is no doubt that crew communication is extremely important. Especially on a busy, complex, and often very extensive ship or boat.

Intercom supplier of choice

Zenitel’s equipment has been around seemingly forever. Ships of all shapes, sizes, and descriptions around the world have Zenitel systems onboard. On smaller vessels, simple solutions play a vital role in interface and interoperability between various systems. Advanced systems greatly updated the efficiency of larger vessels. 

“We believe that one of our strengths is the flexibility of our intercom systems. Zenitel has simple solutions on smaller vessels. As well as advanced systems for larger vessels where interface and interoperability between various systems play a vital role. When you can connect an intercom system to the onboard safety systems and infotainment systems such as CCTV, alarms, or a wide range of entertainment solutions, you get full operability. Another feature of our products is sound quality, which is in line with our slogan of ‘to hear, be heard, and understood in any environment’.” – Thomas Aas, Head of Marketing & Communication

In 2021 Zenitel did a lot of updates to their maritime intercom solutions. Update of the Ex Intercom stations as well as updating and adding new features to their range of IP Intercoms was part of this. Most importantly was probably the DNV classification of its new ICX AlphaCom System.

Forward-thinking solutions by Zenitel

Thanks to Zenitel, digital technology is going to play an even bigger role in the future of maritime, with more interfaces between systems and preferences for a “smarter” way of processing and distributing information. In near future, it will become possible to enhance touch systems, intelligent platforms and intuitive interfaces. It will also be available to expand the use of IoT in the maritime segment by voice control for both intercom and alarm systems. Cyber security will also become increasingly important over time.

And now, with the new title of Workboat World Intercom Supplier of the Year under its belt, Zenitel has set itself the goal to snatch even more victories and business successes.

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