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Zenitel integration with XProtect video management software

XProtect® integration launches on Milestone Marketplace

Milestone Marketplace showcases applications and hardware compatible with XProtect®. Prior to inclusion, all applications, hardware and services undergo a Milestone verification or certification process.The site is designed to provide advice, simplify complex choices and provide complete solutions.

About the XProtect® integration

Zenitel’s interface provides seamless intercom integration into the Milestone XProtect® platform. Zenitel's unrivaled audio quality provides a voice to Milestone’s Video Management System, ensuring that users can hear, be heard, and be understood every time.

With XProtect® video management platform, Zenitel's IC-EDGE or ICX-AlphaCom scalable communication systems seamlessly integrate into your security business application.

The integration of IC-EDGE or ICX-AlphaCom with Milestone XProtect software enables video stream routing under control of commands issued by ICX-AlphaCom. The interface uses the standard matrix functionality that is part of Milestone XProtect VMS. In addition, with IC-EDGE and ICX-AlphaCom, video stations are shown on maps, and video can be recorded through ONVIF.

The integration allows cameras to be connected to monitors on call and call request events, including changes to the viewed camera when the guard scrolls through the call request queue on the intercom station. With ICX-AlphaCom and IC-EDGE, it is possible to associate up to 4 cameras with an intercom.

Key features

  • Keep a 360-Degree View: Improve situational awareness by linking devices together, creating a more complete picture of events.
  • Communicate Across Audio Systems: Broadcast live or pre-recorded messages via all audio systems, including horns, intercom, radio, and phone systems.
  • Supervise, Monitor and Click to call: View and verify the status of each intercom or initiate a call to any device from the System Monitor dashboard.
  • Verify Visitor Identity: Provide dual identity verification through both visual and audio communication.
  • Record and Playback Video: Import video stream from Turbine Video Door Stations through ONVIF to enhance security and monitoring.

To learn more, visit our Milestone Marketplace product page. You can also download our solution sheet or visit our Milestone integration page on this site.

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