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Enterprise Security System’s (ESS), approach to solving critical communication problems earned them an award at ISC West’s annual SAMMY award sponsored by Security Systems Integrator (SSI) magazine.

Zenitel’s Critical Communication Platform Key to System Integrator’s ISC West Award

One of the most respected integrators in the southeastern United States, ESS used its engineered systems pedigree to earn the votes of the judges for the prestigious Integrated Installation of the Year.

Best in class technologies that aligned with their client`s critical communication needs

The key to their success was the selection of best in class technologies that aligned with their client’s critical communication needs.

Their client, LPL Financial, is the nation’s leading independent broker-dealer, offering an integrated platform of proprietary technology, brokerage, and investment advisor services to more than 14,000 financial advisors and approximately 700 financial institutions. They also support more than 4,000 other financial advisors with customized clearing solutions, advisory platforms, and technology.

Secure and safe environment

The company has a strong work ethic and desired to provide a secure and safe environment for their people.

ESS was originally contacted by Cresa, LPL’s consultant/project management firm, who knew of the ESS reputation for quality engineered systems and project management. This created the opportunity to provide guidance on the key benchmark criteria for video and audio solutions that could be integrated into their corporate access control system.

“We knew we had to protect the network that secured the client interactions of LPL” said James MacQueen, partner and engineering manager of ESS. “With this foundation in mind, we began to conceptually design an independent network that supported integrated access, video and audio. The objective would be to provide situational awareness and response around their perimeter with a particular focus on their parking garage.”

Both the contractor and LPL appreciated the preparation and education that ESS provided which eventually led to the implementation.

Focus on Intelligibility

“We recognized that for the solution to be viable, we had to focus on intelligibility”, said MacQueen. “This meant that first and foremost LPL would need to have the ability to provide bi-directional communication in any situation, and when that communication took place, both parties not only needed to be heard, but also to be understood.”

ESS also wanted to have video and audio confirmation of any incident so that they could take preemptive action when an incident occurred by communicating directly at the time of need. “We advised the client, that a key to their success in preventing an incident was their ability to speak directly into the situation” said MacQueen. “Through video verification and audio intervention, our client immediately saw the effect this would have in protecting their people and their assets.”

MacQueen believes that the judges ultimately chose ESS, because of their ability to identify best-in-class technology that led to security process optimization and, ultimately, value for their client.

Vingtor-Stentofon by Zenitel Group clearly outpaced any other communication platform on the market

“We have benchmarked audio communication technology and found that Vingtor-Stentofon by Zenitel Group clearly outpaced any other communication platform on the market”, said MacQueen “Their focus on intelligibility, interoperability with video surveillance and access control and their attention to IT’s needs for high availability, durability, cyber defensibility and maintainability, made their selection easy to make.”

ESS also identified the video management system, Salient, as their choice for a fully integrated VMS with AMAG, LPL’s access control solution. “We worked closely with AMAG on the implementation which helped LPL with a successful implementation”, said Clint Crosston, ESS Project Manager.

SSI   received more than 130 entries from installing and monitoring security systems contractors from throughout North America and even some from abroad. ESS stood apart through their consultative approach, engineered systems expertise and their comprehensive project management and implementation. 

Segment: Building Security, Commercial & Corporate, Finance
Location: US

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