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Zenitel TFIX systems and accessories, certified by DNV GL according to INMETRO standards

Zenitel TFIX systems & accessories receive INMETRO EX certification

Zenitel has recently received a DNV GL certificate, according to the INMETRO standards, for our TFIX systems and accessories. The Brazilian standards body INMETRO requires manufacturers and suppliers to have their products tested and certified by a recognized certification body, who then applies its own mark,  as well as the INMETRO seal of approval.

INMETRO is also responsible for the accreditation of each product Certification Body. In addition, INMETRO defines the products and the respective requirements within each respective certification scheme.

Our TFIX Explosion Proof IP Intercom Stations are rugged devices, designed for harsh environments, meeting industrial and offshore requirements. The plastic housing is designed to withstand most chemical and environmental hazards found on- or offshore. TFIX stations provide CCoIP/VoIP intercom for explosive environments (ATEX/IECEX). They are rust and water protected to IP 64 (IEC 60079-0) and IP 66 (EN60945). The units have self-diagnostic monitoring of critical functionality, can be used with AlphaCom Audio Servers or used with third-party systems through SIP/VoIP. Accessories for the TFIX series include a handheld PTT (Push to Talk) mic, Headset with PTT and Handset with PTT.

More about INMETRO and DNV GL certification

Products manufactured in or exported to Brazil need a CB-issued certificate, stating that the product meets Brazilian requirements. Having a product certified by an INMETRO accredited CB provides assurance that the product complies with Brazilian regulations and required safety standards.

For Zenitel, it is essential that our products introduced to the Brazilian market are tested and approved by an accredited provider so we can assure our end users that we follow the requirements set for our products used in environments where accreditation is needed. further, by fully complying with local rules and regulations, we avoid any potential ban on our products in the Brazilian market.

DNV GL provide certification services to customers across a wide range of industries. Its leading technical and operational expertise, risk methodology and in-depth industry knowledge allows DNV GL to empower its customers’ decisions and actions, with trust and confidence. We selected DNV GL as our partner for our INMETRO certification, due not only to this industry expertise, but also our long-standing relationship for other certification needs.

The relevant legislation for Explosive Atmospheres Equipment is Portaria INMETRO / MDIC number 179 from 2010/05/18. For our TFIX systems and accessories we carry certificate DNV 19.0097 X. DNV GL has now all their certificates available in Blockchain - you can find more information here.

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