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Zenitel awarded global frame agreement by Statoil for PA/GA systems

The agreement ranges from the delivery of single products to commissioning of complete PAGA-systems. Vingtor-Stentofon is responsible for the delivery. The agreement lasts for 4 years with the option for an extension of 2*2 years.

 “Being awarded this contract is of great importance to us. We have recently developed a new IP-based system for PAGA called Exigo. The main part of the delivery will consist of this system and for us this agreement is a confirmation that we have developed a system that is in demand. The Exigo stands out from similar solutions on several key points. It is a result of thorough market research and a continuation of our groundbreaking research and development in the field of IP-technology”, said Kenneth Dastol, CEO, Zenitel.

Zenitel was amongst the first players in the market to introduce IP-based Intercom systems. In 2013 Zenitel’s efforts in the field of IP-technology was brought to a new level with Exigo. Exigo is a PAGA-system based on native IP-technology. This means that no extra boxes or technical components need to be attached in order to provide IP signals from the microphone to the speakers. The system is software based, with the option for remote control and diagnostics. Being native IP the Exigo has fewer potential sources for errors than more traditional systems for PAGA.

“Being awarded a frame agreement by Statoil, a large player in the oil and gas business, is a valuable confirmation for us. It indicates that we have made the right choices in our research, planning and development of the Exigo system”, said Dastol.

The Exigo product line was launched to the market in 2013. Based on native IP technology, the system is an advanced, scalable system specifically designed to meet the demands and needs of PAGA and general alarms for a variety of applications and environments. The Exigo solution offers enhanced features and functionality, yet simplistic in installation and set-up for Marine, Offshore and Industrial environments. In addition to system controller and amplifiers Zenitel have developed several new IP-based call panels for indoor, industrial and hazardous areas (Ex).

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About Zenitel:

Zenitel has firmly established itself at the intersection of two domains - communication on the one hand, security and safety on the other. As a leading player in instant audio and data communication, Zenitel’s products and networks are as secure as they are fast. Zenitel is the preferred choice for situations that involve the protection of human lives, or the management of critical activities.

Zenitel is organized into two key segments, each of which has a focus on, but is not exclusively dedicated to, one of Zenitel’s key principal offerings: Own Intercom Products including Third-Party Products and Network Services.

Zenitel has a strong presence in both the onshore and offshore secure communications market through our global brand, Vingtor-Stentofon. With our Zenitel distributor network as well as local partners, we are able to target key market segments. While VINGTOR is well established as a global leader in delivering on-board communications equipment to the marine market, an increased focus on the Oil and Gas Industry has led to a separate division within the Vingtor-Stentofon brand developing solutions for both fixed and floating installations. Our Vingtor-Stentofon brand is well recognized in the onshore market, focusing on Building Security such as door communication, elevators, perimeter surveillance; Infrastructure such as trains, airport and roadside communication; and Industry running the gamut from chemical plants to mining facilities.

Zenitel is listed on the Euronext stock exchange in Brussels, with its statutory headquarters situated in Belgium. Zenitel’s operational headquarters is based in Norway.

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