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Zenitel Is Bringing An Edge to ISC West

Intelligent Communications refers to communication solutions between systems and within business processes. Because typical installation environments are dynamic and exposed to many sounds and scenarios, it can be difficult to provide consistent, intelligible audio and video.

Intelligibility, the ability to hear, be heard, and be understood, is critical to any organization and yet, with the trend of discarding large servers for simple peer-to-peer solutions, quality of audio still remains insufficient . 

Zenitel’s intelligent communication solutions have countered this deficiency by delivering enhanced audio features like automatic gain control, echo-cancellation and moving communication processing down to the edge device. This results in a more secure, scalable and robust platform that meets essential industry needs.    

“Your next generation of audio is no longer a big server sitting in a machine room somewhere. There is no need for that anymore,” states Jim Hoffpauir, President of Zenitel Americas. “Technology has come to the point where we didn’t just go to the cloud, we are taking the knowledge from the cloud and bringing it down to the edge. This gives you a great deal of power, flexibility, and expandability.”

This new platform of intelligent communications reflects the growing movement towards IoT or Internet of Things, and the need for powerful, connected and yet simple to configure communication systems. 

Zenitel representatives will be available for questions about this new platform at ISC West on April 10-12 in booth #15115.

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