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Kenneth Dåstøl, Zenitel CEO talks Intelligent Communications

Zenitel CEO profiled in latest Business Focus Magazine

In the latest edition, Issue 69, Kenneth discusses how Zenitel is continuing our history of innovation, building upon our strong legacy, as we look to the future. He speaks candidly about the challenges and opportunities that a world leading provider of intelligent communications faces. He outlines how Zenitel can thrive in a competitive, rapidly evolving market and explains that, while it is vital to offer compelling products, solutions and technology, it is Zenitel’s people who make the crucial difference to our success.

Business Focus Magazine is a leading, bi-monthly B2B publication that helps its readers keep up to date with the latest developments in the business world.

Read the full issue of Business Focus Magazine here. (Kenneth’s profile begins on page 64.)

You can also download the article as a brochure. Click here to view and share.

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