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NTNU Racecar

Zenitel delivers communication to NTNU racecar

PULSE 4.7 - picture

The NTNU Engineering students built their own racecar, which took second place in the competition.

NTNU has a campus in Trondheim – where one of our Zenitel offices is located. Zenitellers from the Trondheim office delivered the communication system running between the driver and depot, which used PULSE.

PULSE system

PULSE is an intelligent communication platform embedded on every single Vingtor-Stentofon IP Device. Because this also includes the server, which runs this platform, no external hardware is needed.

Our products are equipped with rather powerful CPUs, so we can distribute processing power over all units within the PULSE system. We process audio at the edge and employ smart software algorithms for Acoustic Echo Cancellation, Active Noise Reduction and Automated Volume Control.

PULSE can accommodate your communication needs, as they change and grow over time. Highly scalable, it grows with your needs, gradually, so you can spread your investment over time, getting more for your money.

For the racecar, the PULSE system consists of a Turbine Kit (TKIE-2) in the car, connected to the headset on the driver’s helmet. This communicates wirelessly via a wireless network to the depot, where there is a computer running the VS-Client.

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