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Zenitel ensures safety onboard Norway`s busiest ferries

In 2014, Bastø Fosen won the contract to continue to operate Norway`s busiest inland ferry route, between Moss and Horten, until 2026. As part of the agreement, three new ferries were built to serve this vital transport route.  Zenitel is proud to have delivered communication and entertainment systems to all of the new vessels.

The inland ferry link also forms part of the national road network, Riksvei 19, acting as a highway across the Oslo fjord. In 2013 over 1.3 million vehicles and 1.6 million foot passengers used the ferry service. Many of Zenitel`s own employees use the ferry as part of their daily commute to the company`s operational head office in Horten.

A great representation of Zenitel

Zenitel CEO Kenneth Dåstøl commented, ”Zenitel is a global company with a long, proud history in the maritime market. The new Bastø Fosen ferries are a great representation of how we like to work as a company. We were a part of the construction through our partners in Turkey, and we are located right next to where the ferries are operating. Working like this allows us to deliver the professional technical follow- up we are known for.” He went on to explain, ”These new ferries represent innovation in the maritime market, something we can strongly relate to.

The new design reduces the time it takes to load and unload vehicles and passengers. Modern engines and design have made the vessels more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly. Thanks to over 70 years of innovation, we too are able to contribute by providing flexible, reliable and advanced Maritime communication systems”

Øyvind Lund, Administration  Director at Bastø Fosen, recognized  the importance of having trusted and reliable communication systems onboard,”Passenger safety and the safety of our crew is of paramount importance. The communication systems from Zenitel ensures that safety instructions and other information can be heard clearly and understood by all onboard. In addition, the captain can communicate easily with the rest of the crew from the bridge. Thanks to technology such as active noise cancellation, even when he is communicating with his colleagues working in the noisy environment of the engine room, he can hear, be heard and be understood”

The three new ferries were built in Turkey and designed by Multi Maritime in Førde, Norway. Zenitel were represented in Turkey by their local partner, Elektro-Deniz. Part of the terms of the agreement between Bastø Fosen and the Norwegian Public Roads Administration  stipulated that NOx emissions must be in-line with international regulations. Thanks to design innovations, Bastø Fosen have calculated that NOx emissions have been reduced by over 80% when compared to the previous ferry design. In addition, fuel usage has been reduced by 25-30% thanks to energy efficient diesel motors and a newly developed hull shape. 

The following systems from Zenitel have been installed on the new ferries:

  • AlphaCom Maritime (ACM):  The Vingor-Stentofon ACM system is reliable and robust and able to unite and enhance a vessel`s safety systems by providing outstanding internal and external communication onboard marine vessels.
  • SPA - PA/GA: The SPA system is an integrated type-approved PA and GA solution. It is extremely cost effective and covers the requirements for a marine Public Address and General Alarm system for all types of vessels.
  • IPTV: The Vingtor-Stentofon IPTV system is a complete integrated digital entertainment system for maritime use. The system provides a wide range of services aimed at improving crew welfare.

All Vingtor-Stentofon products that form a part of a critical communication system have been tested according to IEC 60945, IEC 60533 standards and comply with SOLAS regulations and codes relevant to onboard communication systems. Zenitel systems are delivered in accordance with the rules of major classification societies.

About Zenitel Group

Zenitel has a strong presence in both the onshore and offshore secure communications market through its product brand, Vingtor-Stentofon. The brand is recognized globally for offering advanced offshore and onshore communication systems. Vingtor-Stentofon provides integrated security communications for environments where life, property and assets are at stake.

Through Zenitels product name, Vingtor-Stentofon - the primary system offering is within Public Address, Intercom and Radio. The key markets include: Building Security Public Safety, Transportation, Industrial, Oil Gas and Maritime.

Zenitel is listed on the Euronext stock exchange in Brussels, with its statutory headquarter situated in Belgium. Zenitel’s operational headquarter is in Norway. The company has 300 employees, divided in 17 offices.  

About Bastø Fosen

Bastø Fosen AS was founded on 12th October 1995, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Torghatten ASA. The Company operates ferries between Moss and Horten. In 2012, 1.7 million vehicles and 3.4 million passengers travelled with Bastø Fosen, making the Moss - Horten connection Norway's largest inland ferry link. The company has 310 employees. 

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