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Zenitel goes even greener

Our latest initiative is that we have now chosen to buy environmentally friendly transportation for everything we ship with DHL, beginning next year.

DHL’s main goal with this service is to become 30% more CO2 efficient by 2020, compared to their 2007 baseline.

“As Zenitel ships approximately 12.000 packages each year, we think this is a very important step. By working together with DHL we can ensure we help reduce the carbon emissions associated with our business and thereby also reduce the environmental impact. We are looking forward to be a part of this exciting innovation from next year”, Hanne Surman, Department Manager Shipping comments.

To make sure that we serve our planet right, we are constantly working towards having sustainable processes in place throughout the value chain. To find our more information take a look at our "Let`s talk about the future" brochure.

Some other initiative Zenitel has started, is encouraging our customers to choose electronic invoices, Zenitel has reduced with more than 15.000 letters sent over the last 12 months. In the warehouse, reuse and recycling is at focus.

Currently more than 60% of shipping cardboard boxes from suppliers are shredded and reused as filling material on customer deliveries. What cannot be reused, is sent for recycling.