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Zenitel helps Seattle Children`s Hospital fulfill its mission

A recent article in Security Management, a publication of ASIS international looks at how Seattle Children`s Hospital strives to provide robust security whilst still making its stakeholders feel welcome and cared for:

Call for Help

01 December 2017 by Holly Gilbert Stowell  . Appears In December 2017 Print Issue

​With more than 420,000 annual visits from patients from four states, Seattle Children's Hospital serves the largest region of any children's hospital in the United States.

The organization, made up of a research arm, a foundation, and the hospital, strives to provide robust security while making its stakeholders feel welcome and cared for. 

"As a security team, our goal is really to ensure the mission of our hospital, which is to treat patients and find cures for diseases," says Dylan Hayes, CPP, manager of the physical security program at Seattle Children's. "We do that by interfacing with our families and our patients…we're a customer-service oriented team."

A security officer staffs the emergency department around the clock, and officers also operate a security operations center for the entire hospital that is open from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Visitor management is important to Seattle Children's, and the security team screens everyone who walks through the door to ensure that they have a purpose to their visit. Visitor identification is processed by a database that checks for sexual offenses and other criminal records. 

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Segment: Building Security, Healthcare
Location: US

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