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New Main Menu for Zenitel Website

Browsing just got easier!

In response to your feedback, we wanted to make it easier for to you find and navigate to the information you need quickly. Fewer clicks means you can save more of your valuable time.

What's new?

The drop-down design provides an at-a-glance overview of each section’s contents. By hovering each top-level item, you can preview and scan the contents and get to your desired information with fewer clicks. A hover effect highlights text in yellow, so the list items are easy to distinguish. 

You can also click a top-level menu item to go directly to that areas's landing page. For those of you who prefer to type and go, our handy search feature is available.

Drop-down hover menu - Zenitel

This launch is only the first step to streamlining our site navigation. We have more improvements coming your way, to help you get the most out of each site visit.

We hope that you find the new menu easy to use and that it improves your overall user experience on

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