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Zenitel quoted in a&s magazine

The recent article looked into the importance of live communication channels during an emergency. Whilst it is important to see what is going on through video and to control access, PA and Intercom should not be overlooked.

Move towards IP

There has been a common trend of PA and intercom migrating over to IP. This has helped to make intergeration with video and access control even easier for security professionals. Piet De Vriendt, Commercial Product Manager for Building Security and Public Safety at Zenitel is quoted several times throughout the article.

He draws attention to the need to provide Intelligible audio “The need is always the same, to be understood. You need to communicate with each other and there are many options: PA; intercom, telephony, radio, SMS, Skype, you name it. But none of this will help you much if you cannont understand each other because the audio quality is not up to scratch.”

Intelligible audio - essential part of a security system

Piet De Vriendt is pleased to see the market recognise the critical role that intelligible audio plays in protecting lives and securing physical premises.  He comments, " For several years now we have educated the market about the importance of intelligible audio as an essential part of a security system. Today, a leading security magazine dedicates a 4-page article about exactly this and it even highlights intelligibility in a separate fact-box. This gives me the assurance that the market will pick up on the need of intelligible audio and become more demanding." 

Zenitel quoted in a&s magazine - picture

The article goes on to look at the benefits of IP migration related to ease of integration, installation and the opportunity to perform self-diagnostic operations​. Read the whole story here (subscription required). 
Read a summary of the article here.

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