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Zenitel Reports Revenue and EBITDA Growth for 2013

Zenitel N.V. (EURONEXT Brussels: ZENT), a leading player in instant and secure audio and data communication, today announced its results for the fiscal year ending 31 December 2013.

  • 2013 revenue increased to 67.4 million euro from 64.7 million euro last year.
  • Recurrent EBITDA was 4.8 million euro compared to 4.7 million euro in 2012.
  • Operating Profit increased with 0.9 million euro to 3.1 million euro.
  • Net result amounted to 1.8 million euro, against 0.9 million euro last year.
  • Net financial debt and obligations resulting from past restructuring and litigations have been reduced by 0.6 million euro to 10.1 million euro.


Kenneth Dastol, CEO of Zenitel, commented:

“We are very pleased with our results in 2013 where we have delivered a profitable revenue growth. The Top Line increased by 4% up to 67.4 million euro and the Operating Profit with 40% to 3.1 million euro. Furthermore we almost doubled our net results to 1.8 million euro. In 2013, Zenitel launched a new networked Public Announcement (PA/GA) platform called ‘EXIGO’ addressing both the Vingtor and the Stentofon markets. The feedback from these markets has been overwhelming, and we have already been able to win major projects in the Vingtor Marine business both in the Merchant as well as in the Oil & Gas segments. We would especially like to mention that Statoil, the largest oil company in Norway, has chosen EXIGO as the solution for their PA/GA requirements for the next four years.

In line with our strategy, we remain focused on growing our business and on further reducing our debt. During 2013 we have opened a Marine office in the USA and in January 2014 we have opened a branch in Dubai serving our clients in that region. We will further expand our geographical distribution and open branches closer to our customers. Focused on the execution of our strategy, we are well positioned to meet and overcome tomorrow's challenges and grow our company both on revenue and EBITDA.”